Ningbo scored a harvest in HK Culinary Exhibition

Category: Ningbo Business
Published: Thursday, 18 August 2011 10:43

The three-day-long Ningbo (HK) Quality Farm Produce and Famous Tea Exhibition concluded a couple of days ago. The exhibition offered displays, promotions, trade talks and introduction of foreign capital. Through achievement exhibition of modern agriculture, quality farm produce showcasing, promotion of agro-projects and trade talks, Ningbo well exhibited its charm in farm produce.

The exhibition totaled 500 m2 in area. A total number of 51 major agricultural businesses of Ningbo took part in it. The produce exhibited embodied the features of brand, green, environment-friendliness and tradition. During the exhibition, the city offered 200 investment projects. Cooperative agreements involving 680 million yuan were signed and intentional agreements of cooperation signed 1.25 billion yuan. Some 3000 business people from 31 countries and regions such as the US, Japan and Korea came to the fair to hold talks with Ningbo companies. They talked about cooperation on products of aquatic products, cereal and oils, vegetables, fruit juice and wine, etc, totaling 300 items.

In Hong Kong,  20 companies like Wanghai Tea Company, Zuocaiwang Seasonings, Sanxue Foods, etc were organized to visit Hong Kong's largest food supplier CRC and Lifestyle International Group. They talked to explore possibilities for cooperation.