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Ningbo exports of Christmas supplies going up

Although Christmas is still months away, quite a lot of Ningbo companies are producing at full capacity Christmas supplies. Statistics from Ningbo Customs show that in the first seven months, Ningbo exported 4,463 tons of Christmas supplies at the value of 21.09 million US dollars, up 20.4% and 18.6% respectively over the same period of last year. The exports of July stood at 11.87 million US dollars, exceeding the total of the first six months. The main destinations of exports are EU (9.258 million US dollars), the United States (3.459 million US dollars) and Brazil (2.468 million US dollars), and they accounted for 72% of the total volume of export. Private companies took the lead in exporting with a volume of 14.7 million US dollars, increasing by 19.3% over the same period of last year, and they accounted for 69.7 percent of the total. However, the exporting price declined by a small margin compared with the same period of last year. The average price of the Christmas supplies is down by 1.5%, at 4,726 US dollars per ton.

This year, the great need for Christmas supplies abroad guarantees a peak season for related enterprises. However, due to the rise of the cost caused by the appreciation of RMB, the profit margin is shrinking for many exporters in spite of the increasing foreign orders.

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