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Marine "Blue Economy" forged

Lying on sun-drenched beach, binging on yummy seafood, or experiencing East Sea folk custom, all of them are available in Ningbo.  During the National Day Holiday, the city has introduced a series of activities with the theme of "ocean", once again demonstrating the unique charm of the ocean.

The city is rich in marine tourism resources, ranging from natural scenery such as islands, beaches, grotesque rocks formations to culture resources like maritime Silk Road and coastal defense. It also enjoys the convenient transportation because of Beilun Port, Hangzhou Bay Bridge and other first-class transportation systems.


According to statistics from the Holiday Office, 426,000 people visited Ningbo on Thursday. The number of visitors surpassed 20,000 in four places, namely, Dongqian Lake, Xikou scenic spot, Daqiao ecological farm, and Songlan Mountain scenic spots.


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