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"Academicians visiting enterprises 2011" completed

As one of the major events of Zhejiang Ningbo Week of Talent, Science and Technology, the activity of "academicians visiting enterprises 2011", organized by Ningbo Association of Science and Technology, drew to a successful close on September 19. During the three days of visiting, 12 academicians and 5 experts shared practical experience with and made valuable suggestions to 21 enterprises and research institutes.
As is known, "academicians visiting enterprises" activity is an important carrier for high-end talents exploration project. To meet the enterprises’ need to solve the practical technological difficulties for new technology and new products, Ningbo Association of Science and Technology made great efforts to organize academicians, experts and innovative teams to enter into the related enterprises in groups of different majors and different subjects. The major activities include making technological breakthrough, doing technological diagnosis, providing technological consulting and technological services, carrying out major projects evaluation and conducting academic exchange on certain topics.  
Statistics show that since the first "academicians visiting enterprises" activity was organized by Ningbo Association of Science and Technology in July 2007, 20 such activities have been managed and more than 140 academicians and over 200 experts have engaged in more than 100 cooperative projects.

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