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Hangzhou Bay New Zone promotes the quality of regional development

In the midsummer of July, there are many good news by the Hangzhou Bay. Recently, four projects including Qianwan Innovation and Intelligence Center, Sunac Lenovo Industrial Park, Fangtai Ideal City, and Fangte Oriental with a total investment of 10.3 billion yuan in Hangzhou Bay New Zone have been intensively put into use. At the same time, the semi-annual economic data of the new area has been released one after another, and it continues to rise for the better.

"The project is the lifeline and drive force of economic development, and an important engine for achieving high-quality development." The person in charge of the Hangzhou Bay New Zone Management Committee said that this year, around the front-end project promotion, mid-end construction, and back-end results, the new zone has effectively promoted the rapid implementation and commissioning of a number of major high-quality projects, and jointly promoted the integration of industry, city and people into a new stage in the new zone. Data shows that from January to June, 62 new projects were signed and put into production, with a total investment of RMB49.21 billion, a record high.

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The Import and Export Scale of Ningbo Hits a Record High

The total import and export volume of Ningbo was 563.89 billion yuan, the largest scale in the same period in history, an increase of 30.7% over the same period last year, 3.6 percentage points higher than the national level, and a positive year-on-year growth for 14 consecutive months. The "semi-annual report" of Ningbo foreign trade is excellent.

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Entrepreneurship competition held

On the evening of May 29, an overseas entrepreneurship competition across time zones and oceans for high-level talents was held. Ten overseas high-level entrepreneurship and innovation talent projects from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries and regions came to compete on the same stage in the Haishu District of Ningbo.
According to a person in charge of the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Haishu District, in 2020, together with PhDsNetwork of Canada, the district set up a Canadian offshore incubator and an overseas industry research institute in Ningbo. With Montreal of Canada as a pilot city, the organization aims to provide a good entrepreneurial environment and close entrepreneurial support for entrepreneurial talents from Canada. In August 2020, the overseas entrepreneurship competition for high-level talents was launched. In the preliminary stage, 410 high-level talents from all over the world signed up for the competition, and 82 candidate projects covered various emerging industries and high-end service industries. Finally, 10 high-quality entrepreneurial and innovative talent projects  entered the finals, including the technology and its industrialization of new low torque super-soft yarn, the children's healthy diet application platform based on artificial intelligence, and leukocyte patch for chronic wound treatment.

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Ningbo's 50 achievements won provincial science and technology awards

Yesterday afternoon, the 2020 Zhejiang Science and Technology Awards Conference was held. Ningbo won 50 scientific and technological achievements, including 6 Provincial Natural Science Awards, 2 Provincial Technical Invention Awards, 41 Provincial Science and Technology Progress Awards, and 1 Provincial International Science and Technology Cooperation Award. The total number of awards has increased by 31.6% over last year. The number of award-winning projects and award levels are the best results since the reform of the provincial science and technology award system.

In terms of winners, there are 37 achievements made by universities, research institutes, and enterprises in Ningbo as the first complete unit, accounting for 74% of the total number of award-winning projects, 7 percentage points higher than the previous year. In terms of award levels, there are 7 first prizes, accounting for 14%, including 1 provincial natural science first prize, 1 provincial technical invention first prize, and 5 provincial first prize for scientific and technological progress, filling the vacancies in the first prize projects of the

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Two-thirds of Ningbo's "Four-Up" Enterprises Have IT Personnel

In recent years, the degree of informatization of Ningbo enterprises has been increasing. The picture shows the intelligent workshop of a private enterprise in Haishu District. (Photo by Xu Zhanxin

According to the latest preliminary statistics of informatization, among the 19984 “Four Tops” enterprises in our city, 13,314 companies have IT personnel, accounting for 66.6% of all “Four Tops” companies.

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