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Children's fashion market getting brisker

The fashion industry of Ningbo is no longer dominated by men’s wear. It has taken on a more balanced development pattern between men's wear, women’s wear and children's wear, business wear, leisure wear.
Nowadays children’s wear has become a new hotspot attracting capital in Ningbo. It is reported that in past two years there are more than 200 million yuan swarming into children’s wear market, to companies of Seduno, Red Song, peacebird and so on. At present there are more than 20 children’s wear companies in Ningbo which have self-owned brands, such as old brands including Yixiu, Chunyazi, Shanshan KIDS, and new brands including Alphabet, Pretty Tiger, Red Song, Babilele, Dear Deer, Suncool and so on. The Ningbo children's wear has initially formed a situation of collective development of brands.
There are many new children’s wear brands making their debuts in this International Fashion Fair, among which Jiabirui is a typical representative whose cartoon is a little boy wearing a red pullover and a cloak.
“This fashion festival is the first debut of Jiabirui, from the response of customers we learn that our products have a good popularity, and children’s wear will become a main direction of our company in a few years.” The head of Ningbo Baina Textile Co., Ltd, Chen Guoping said.
The collective entry into the children's wear market mainly dues to its huge development space. The children's wear market is regarded as the last piece of lucrative cake in fashion industry. It is said that the Chinese children's wear market has a capacity of more than 90 billion yuan. In Ningbo, a huge consumer demand brings a very good opportunity for the development of children's wear brand. “Compared to the men’s wear and women’s wear market which are very competitive, children’s wear market has great development space.” Chen said. The children’s wear designer Zhu Xiayan in Chunyazi Apparel Co., Ltd. thinks that children’s wear market has bright prospect, but the lack of professional designers and the low profit are two negative factors hampering children’s wear market.
The booming market of Ningbo has attracted a number of professional children's wear brand planning organizations. At the International Fashion Fair yesterday, Shanghai Cute Cultural Communication Co., Ltd has authorized by many world-famous children’s wear brands, such as Japanese D.D.Cat, American Garfield and Snoopy, Dutch Miffy and South Korea’s Ddung and multiple original cartoons. The head of this company thinks that the good brand image is the prerequisite of the success of a children’s wear industry, but a new-started children’s wear industry faces the lack of specialized children's wear brand planner and designers, consequently, the authorized use of well-known brands is a good solution.
Though authorized by many world-famous children’s wear brands, there are few customers in the exhibition booth of the company. The head of the company said it showed brand popularity is yet satisfactory in the children’s wear industries of Ningbo. Chinese famous brands are only a few, and the homogeneous competition is a common phenomenon in children’s wear market. On one hand, it shows children’s wear market has great potential and on the other hand, the brand awareness in children’s wear industry still need to be further strengthened.
A person in Fashion Trade Association thinks that children’s wear in Ningbo has only a few famous brands, most of which are transformed from foreign trade enterprises, so they should experience many explorations and attempts in brand-designing, channel-extending and maintaining, operation and management.

Special fund set up for high-end logistics industries fostering

Recently, the “Opinions on the Implementation of Fund Allocation for Logistics Industries Cultivation” was issued by the Ningbo Municipal Transport Bureau. The fund consists of two parts, aiming to support the base construction, enterprises development and informationization of the logistics industries.

"The supply chain management and third party logistics (TPL) in Ningbo are shaping up." said by the person in charge of the bureau. He said that Ningbo is restructuring its industries, for example, the transition to high-end logistics industries.

It was learned that the logistics pilot project focuses on the construction of logistics bases and relevant investments, advanced organization forms and new technology application. The project also encourages logistics enterprises to develop innovative projects and promote public information platform and E-business platform.

The construction of a distribution network connecting urban and rural areas is underway. It will focus on projects for people’s convenience such as goods stations construction and the purchase of equipments for delivering in rural areas.

As for fund allocation, subsidies for logistics base construction are restricted within 5% of its investment of that year, with a cap of 4 million yuan each year and 20 million yuan totally for the Logistics Park and 1 million yuan each year and 5 million yuan totally for the Logistics Center. Subsidies for advanced organization forms and new technology application are restricted within 5% of its investment of that year, with a cap of 400 thousand yuan for each and 2 million totally. Subsidies for goods distribution in urban areas are also restricted within 5% of its investment of that year. Subsidies for projects in pilot satellite towns or central towns and invested by state-owned enterprises can be lifted to 40%.

The 15th Ningbo International Fashion Fair opened

On October 20, the 15th Ningbo International Fashion Fair opened in Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center. Lu Yongxiang, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, and other Zhejang and Ningbo provincial government officials including Wang Huizhong, Mao Guanglie and Liu Qi announced the opening of the fair.

The fair has 8 exhibition areas with 8,220 exhibition stalls. It is a meeting of 316 brands of 392 enterprises from over 20 provinces of China and over 10 countries and Taiwan and Hong Kong. The products on the fair range from garments, clothes machines, and materials and accessories. 50% of the enterprises are from Ningbo, 25% are from other places in China, and 25% from foreign enterprises. The theme for the fair is “Innovation of Fashion and Ningbo”. With the exhibitions and a series of trade activities, it aims to carry forward the fashion culture of Ningbo, promote industrial upgrading of the garment industry, and increase the international competitiveness of the industry. With the fair, Ningbo is trying to turn itself into a city strong for the clothes industry.

Symposium of Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement in Europe

By Hongddan Xie
Symposium of Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement in Europe
8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
November 18, 2011 (Friday)
University of Nottingham Ningbo China
The intellectual property system is facing an increasing number of challenges. The Conference will open with a discussion by a panel of senior IP professionals from AIPEX (an alliance of European firms, covering all European Intellectual Property needs at one address by combining extensive local knowledge and expertise of all European countries in an one stop solution). The Conference is opened to entrepreneurs, professionals, and UNNE students and staff interested in intellectual property and its enforcements across all technical fields in Europe.
Already, the Conference has some exciting speakers secured:
Ø       Mrs. Béatrice ORÈS, Chartered French & European Patent Attorney, is managing partner of French firm Cabinet Orès Patent & Trademark Attorneys.  She gives lectures especially relating to Industrial Property Rights concerning Pharmacy and Biotechnology.
Ø       Dr. Bernhard Pfleiderer, German & European Patent Attorney, is a partner of German firm Prinz & Partner.
Ø       Dr. Ian Lambert, Chartered U.K. and European Patent Attorney, is a partner of  U.K. firm Wynne-Jones, Lainé & James LLP. He acts for a wide range of clients including multinationals, SMEs and universities. Ian has represented clients at Opposition and Appeal hearings before the European Patent Office.
Ø       Mrs. Anne Laarman, European and Benelux trademark and design attorney since 1987, is a partner of Netherland firm Algemeen Octrooi- en Merkenbureau (AOMB). Work fields: trademark and design law; copyright law, licences and plant breeder's rights.
The Symposium is organized by DAN, SAMS & ASSOCIATES and hosted by the University of Nottingham Ningbo China.  If you are interested in this upcoming symposium, please contact Summit F. GAO for registration, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  fax: 0574-8696-0465  tel: 0574-8773-9520.

Headquarters Building of International Ningbo Merchants Association laid down its foundation in Ningbo

On morning of October 18, the foundation laying ceremony for the Headquarters Building of International Ningbo Merchants Association was held in Eastern New Town of Ningbo. Liu Qi, Vice Secretary of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Ningbo, Chow Yei Ching, first President of International Ningbo Merchants Association, Li Dak Sum, honorary president of International Ningbo Merchants Association, Anna Pao, honorary president of International Ningbo Merchants Association, made spoke at the ceremony. Yang Xiaodu, Member of the Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and director of United Front Work Department of Shanghai Party Committee, attended the ceremony.

It is reported that the Headquarters Building of International Ningbo Merchants Association is a representative project invested by Ningbo merchants in Eastern New Town of Ningbo. The building covers an area of 13,800 sq m. It is 130 meters high, with the coverage area amounting to 90,000 sq meters. As an office and apartment building, it will house the club of International Ningbo Merchants Association, to be an important meeting place for Ningbo merchants.

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