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Ningbo-made shoes and boots going to American and EU

During the first 10 months, Ningbo has exported 6425 batches of shoes and boots to the US and the EU, worth over 160 million USD, up 12.3% over the same period last year, with the US, the UK and the EU as the top three markets. 
With the increase of the export quantity, the quality has been improving, too. The unit price has increased by 18.9%. The items exported include leather shoes, cloth shoes, rubber shoes, sneakers, etc.

The 13th China Plastics Expo closed

On the afternoon of November 9, the 13th China Plastics Expo closed in Yuyao. Statistics show that the expo received 225,000 merchants, increased by 12.1%over the same period of last year; The turnover amounts to 4.11 billion yuan, up by 1.7%, of which, the turnover made in the exhibition halls reaches 2.35 billion yuan, up by 3.5%,

Statistics show that the expo this year has 19 projects signed during the expo. Of these projects, 4 are foreign-funded ones, with the investment totaling 330 million US dollars and the contract foreign capital totaling 170 million yuan. 9 are domestic-funded ones, with the investment totaling 6.98 billion yuan; 6 are technological projects, with the total investment reaching 206 million yuan.

About 100 experts from 19 higher education institutions attended the Conference of Achievements of Emerging Industries, at which about 1,800 scientific and technological achievements were released, and cooperative intent of 67 projects was reached. The “Hemudu Cup” China Home Appliance Design Contest 2011 received 1,856 contestant works. Displayed on the website, these works were browsed by 170,000 visitors.

The 5th China Household Appliance Fair closed in Yuyao the other day. During the fair, 1,474 orders were made, involving 603,300,000 yuan, increased by 6.77% over the same period of the previous year.

China (Ningbo) International Forum of New Materials opened

Today, Ningbo is once again the focus of the field of new materials home and abroad.

From November 9 to 12, opened China (Ningbo) International Forum of New Materials 2011, a forum hosted by Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, China Material Research Institute, Zhejiang University and Ningbo Municipal Government.

Attendants to the forum include experts in the material science field from 27 countries including the USA, the UK, Russia and Japan.

The hosts of the forum believe that that with the new projects, new concepts and new technologies brought to the forum, the forum will mace positive impact on the field of new materials in China and that the forum this year will be more influential than ever.

The forum opened in Ningbo in 2005. In 2004, the output of Ningbo in the field of new materials was only 29.9 billion yuan. But in 2010, it increased to 71 billion yuan, covering 33.49% of the total output of hi-tech products of the city in the year.

The success of the forum has resulted in the brisk development of the industry of new materials in Ningbo. Today, with such leading institutions as the Material Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Ningbo Institution of China Arms Academy, Ningbo has formed a vigorous R&D industrial system of new materials and it has owned a number of technologies with independent intellectual property rights.

With the help of the forum, Ningbo is deepening the combination of industry, academia and the research community so as to strengthen the R&D of technologies of new materials and build an innovative industrial system with independent intellectual property rights and to be in a commanding height in the industry.

Export Geely automobiles increased

The other day, Geely Automobile exported 1,450 cars to Cuban Government via the Customs of Ningbo. This is the largest export of finished cars via the port of Ningbo. In facing of the complicated international economic situation, Geely Automobile timely adjusted its strategy resulting in continuous increase of exports.

As a leader of car manufacturers in China, Geely Automobile "went out" to international markets earlier than others. In 2005, Geely Automobile started to export its Free Cruiser cars via the Port of Ningbo and from the last year, it started to export the Emgrand cars. Now, Geely Automobile sells its cars in over 40 countries and regions, and over 60,000 Free Cruisers have been sold abroad.

The exploration of new markets is the main cause for the increase of export of Geely. Geely's traditional overseas markets are Latin America and Africa. However the global financial crisis in 2008 caused a depression of these markets. Geely Automobile timely adjusted its strategy for the overseas markets and gave priority to the emerging markets in Asia. In the meanwhile, it opened the markets of Cuba and Chile. In the latter half of 2010, the export of Geely automobiles started to recover. In the first half this year, the export of Geely automobiles doubled the amount of the same period in the previous year.

The success of Geely in the exploring the overseas markets is attributed to its quality services. Now, Geely has over 200 service stations in the world. For the improvement of its services, Geely has set some large transfer warehouses of auto parts in some countries and it often sends its servicemen to foreign countries, to learn about the demands of customers.

"Greater export is of great significance for Geely to fulfill its strategic targets of production and sales," said Li Weiping, Deputy General Manager of Emgrand Automobile Company of Geely Holding Group

Ningbo striving for a city strong in modern logistics

As an important port city, Ningbo is appointed one of the 21 nodal logistic cities of China. In recent years, Ningbo has developed both the hardware and software logistic facilities, and basically turned itself into a traffic artery of the country. At the cost of over 100 billion yuan, Ningbo has built some large infrastructural traffic facilities like the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, the Yong-Tai-Wen Railway and the Zhoushan Mainland-Island Link.

In the first year of the 12th Five-Year-Plan Period, Ningbo gave greater emphasis on modern logistic industries and set its targets that Ningbo should build a modernized logistic system that is capable of stretching its service scope to the region of the Changjiang River Delta, the middle and western parts of the country and connecting to other logistic systems of the world. On the understanding of the importance of a modern logistic network, in the following five years, Ningbo will go on improving the transport network to build a comprehensive traffic system, promote the construction of a transportation network with the port as its backbone, and improve the comprehensive traffic network. It will speed up the construction of such projects as the circle network of freight and passenger railways and the Yong-Jin Railway, so as to realize the seamless connection of the urban transportation network and the transporting and distributing network

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