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European debt crisis affects exports of plug and socket products

As a major manufacturing base of the European market of plug and socket, Cixi saw a decline in its exports of plug and socket this year due to the European debt crisis. Statistics show that in the first three quarters of 2011, Cixi Inspection and Quarantine Bureau accepted 11682 batches of plug and socket exports, 12.52% lower than that of the same period of last year, with a total value of 336 million dollars, decreasing by 5.61% over the same period of last year.

90% of plug and socket products in Cixi is exported to Europe and 90% of the low and middle-grade plug and socket products in the European market come from Cixi. The global financial crisis of 2008 led to the decline of Cixi's plug and socket exports in 2009, the first decline in the last 15 years. This year, the ever increasingly serious European debt crisis greatly affected exports of plug and socket products. According to the analysis of some insiders of the trade, because of the uncertainty of the European debt crisis, the decreasing trend of the exports will not change very soon in the near future and they are not optimistic about the exports of next year.

Marine "Blue Economy" forged

Lying on sun-drenched beach, binging on yummy seafood, or experiencing East Sea folk custom, all of them are available in Ningbo.  During the National Day Holiday, the city has introduced a series of activities with the theme of "ocean", once again demonstrating the unique charm of the ocean.

The city is rich in marine tourism resources, ranging from natural scenery such as islands, beaches, grotesque rocks formations to culture resources like maritime Silk Road and coastal defense. It also enjoys the convenient transportation because of Beilun Port, Hangzhou Bay Bridge and other first-class transportation systems.


According to statistics from the Holiday Office, 426,000 people visited Ningbo on Thursday. The number of visitors surpassed 20,000 in four places, namely, Dongqian Lake, Xikou scenic spot, Daqiao ecological farm, and Songlan Mountain scenic spots.


Ningbo-made stationery exported to over 150 countries

After a two-day examination, on September 27, a group of 7 experts from China National Light Industry Council, China Stationery and Sporting Goods Federation and China Pen-making Federation unanimously agreed that Ningbo should go on to keep the laurel "Capital of Stationery of China".

In 2005, Ningbo was elected "Capital of Stationery of China", the honor Ningbo won as a national-level featured economic area. According to related rules, this title is not permanent and it should be re-examined every three years. In 2008, Ningbo was a success in passing the re-examination. "This honor plays a very important role in promoting the stationery industry for a healthy, rapid and sustainable development," said a related authority of the stationary federation of Ningbo.

The stationery industry of Ningbo started from little family or collective workshops. With the development in the past 10 years, it has become a leading force in the country. At present, Ningbo has over 860 stationery producers, including 185 large enterprises. Over 300 companies are engaged in import and export of stationery. Most of the stationery enterprises are in Ninghai, Beilun, Yinzhou, Cixi and Yuyao. In the last year, the total industrial output value of the industry reaches 41 billion yuan, and the sales value 41.1 billion yuan, increased by 12.9%% and 14.1%% respectively against the same period of the previous year.

In the meanwhile, The brand strategy practiced in the industry has turned out good results. With the years' of efforts, 6 products of Beifa, Guangbo, Chenglu, Yongfa and Aipu are entitled Chinese Brand Names. 9 stationery companies get Famous Trademarks of China. 16 companies get Famous Brand Names of Zhejiang. 10 companies get Famous Trademarks of Zhejiang. 18 companies get Famous Brand Names of Ningbo.

According to the 12th Five-year Plan of Ningbo, by 2015, the sales output of the stationery industry of Ningbo should reach 100 billion yuan, and Ningbo-made stationery products should have 10% of the market in the world.

Guide the healthy development of folk loans

Many small and medium-sized companies in China are currently finding it hard to get loans from banks and many Chinese households desperately need somewhere to put their money other than the overheated property sector.  Therefore, folk loans are prevalent in Zhejiang Province.  Authorities in China are trying to allay fears of a credit binge that may create non-performing loans.

On Monday and Tuesday, Premier Wen Jiabao visited Shaoxing and Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province where he conducted an investigation on economic operation. Premier Wen got information about the market supply and social security from locals and he also inspected some local enterprises. On discussions held during the visit, the premier asked in detail about the operation situations of small and medium-sized enterprises and situations about microfinance companies and folk loans.

A meeting on the development of small enterprises was held in Wenzhou on Tuesday afternoon. During the meeting, Mr. Wen said that in order to respond to the changes of international environment and domestic economic situations, positive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy have been adopted since 2011, striving to maintain the stability of general commodity prices. Measures have been taken to rein in rising prices and keep the steady and rapid economic development.

He also addressed that we have strengthened the regulation of real estate market and built more affordable houses. Efforts have been made to promote the efficiency and stability of the financial system. We had accelerated the construction of agricultural infrastructure to welcome the eighth successive growth of food production.

Our economy has been shifted from policy-motivated to independent growth. However, we should not fail to see that we still had a long way to go due to uncertainties and instability.

We must keep a somber mind and decisively make the right move in time. We must respond to the changes at home and abroad to improve our macro-control so as to maintain the stability and flexibility of our policies.

Sanmenwan Area of Ninghai: a hot place for energy investors

The other day, 7 banks including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and China Construction Bank signed agreements with 19 enterprises of Ninghai for loans totaling 4.55 billion yuan. The loans are 19 projects like the 300MWphotovoltaic production line of Dongfang Risheng New Energy Co., Ltd, the production base of Ningbo Deli Group, the renovation of old towns, and the construction of industrial parks. Many of the projects are in the new area of Sanmenwan Area. Of the projects, the project of the Sanmenwan Industrial Park signed between the Administrative Committee of Ninghai Economic and Technical Development Zone and China Construction Bank involves a loan of 1 billion yuan, the highest of all the 19 projects.

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