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Jiangdong's maritime service industries setting sail

In Hengfeng Creative Square, a new office building with an area of more than 2,000 square meters is the Ningbo Dongfang Shipyard Co., Ltd., and more than 60 designers are working hard there. After 10 years’ development, the shipping capacity designed by this company has reached to 52,000 tonnages. It has become the most competitive class A ship designer in Zhejiang. Other ocean science and technology service industries like Ningbo Dongfang Shipyard Co., Ltd. have also taken the lead in seizing the highland of blue economy.
Having neither coastal resources nor neighboring port or sea, how could Jiangdong develop a marine economy? “According to the ‘Marine Economic Development Plan of Ningbo City’, by 2015, the contribution rate of the ocean science and technology should reach 70%, so vigorously developing and supporting ocean science and technology service industry in Jiangdong will have a bright prospect.” District party secretary Hu Jun said.
In the industry chain of developing marine economy, bulk cargo trading platforms play a pivotal transitional role. Jiangdong has strived to develop bulk cargo trading platform based on finance, science and technology by means of improving logistics service and building trade platform. The world renewable resources electronic trade platform designed by Ningbo Weishi Information Consulting Co. Ltd. has possessed 120,000 professional members and 8,000 suppliers abroad, and its visit quantity has increased to 200,000 every day. In Jiangdong, the number of companies doing bulky commodity wholesale trade has reached to 856, with a year-on-year increase of more than 100.
We must use informatization to drive marine economy development. The staff in more than all shipping logistic companies in Jiangdong will receive text message about the trade news, freight rates, pallet and port, etc. This is a new service offered by Jiangdong logistics information science technology public service platform. Jiangdong will build a “digital port” through relying on Ningbo electronic port and the fourth party logistics platform. Ningbo electron port, being started to run formally in 2009, has joined 6,850 companies, published 720,000 pieces of news and realized a total of one billion yuan in trade volume, which tremendously stimulates the market vitality.
Furthermore, Jiangdong district has taken the lead in promoting alliance in the technological innovation of ocean-related industry. They have built a technological innovation alliance in three industries, and they are coastal logistics industry, waterway information service industry and blue sea design industry. They also promote to break through key technological bottlenecks through joint efforts of industry, university and scientific research institution. At present, the alliance of these three industries has worked jointly with Ningbo University.
According to incomplete statistics, from January to September, the sale turnover of Jiangdong ocean science and technology service industry has exceeded 10 billion yuan, which gradually manifests its important role in boosting marine economy.

Young entrepreneurs in NB and HK discuss on the marine economy

How can Ningbo young entrepreneurs take the opportunity of national drive of developing marine economy? Yesterday afternoon, , entrepreneurs of Ningbo and HK gathered in Hong Kong Conference and Exhibition Cente to exchange ideas on the theme of “concentrating on marine economy, speeding up transformation and upgrading ”at the forum on Young Entrepreneurs Development which is part of Forum on Economic Cooperation of Ningbo and Hong Kong. Tang Yijun, the Chairman of Municipal Political Consultative Conference attended the forum and gave a speech.
In his speech, Tang encouraged young entrepreneurs to made full use of the Forum on Young Entrepreneurs Development, strengthen exchanges, get good thoughts and promote cooperation. He also said they should create a new situation of complementary advantages, mutual benefit and balanced development.
At the forum, Ye Zhendu, a member of standing committee of National Youth Association, the Chairman of HK Youth Association, the managing director of Hong Kong Holdings Rongxing Group Co., Ltd., gave a speech named “the mission and opportunity of the youth”. He said putting great emphasis on developing marine economy was Hong Kong’s important experience, no marine economy, no Hong Kong today. He also pointed that Ningbo had as good conditions as Hong Kong in developing marine economy, such as deep water port, vast sea and a good harbor industry system, which also provided Hong Kong entrepreneurs with a new opportunity and platform.
Lin Haifeng, vice chairman of Ningbo Young Entrepreneurs Association and president of Risen Energy Co., Ltd., said in his speech that as Zhejiang’s maritime economy had become the national strategy in the first half year, and his company had made good preparations for developing marine economy or ocean-related industries.

15th Ningbo Int'l Fashion Festival Closed

At 16:00 of October 23rd, the Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center saw the conclusion of the Fashion Fair. 400 exhibitors began to move out. Many of them exhibitors even began to order the 2012 booths with the organizing committee.
During these four days, over 10,000 purchasers from home and abroad participated in the Fair and signed orders with the exhibitors, said the organizer.
Besides the purchasers from abroad, many distributors and franchisees from Sichuan, Hubei, Shaanxi, Liaoning, Guangdong and Shanghai also participated in the fair, which provided more channels for expanding Ningbo fashion industry in China. Babilele has signed with 25 franchisees and Yixiu received domestic orders worthy of 25 million yuan and signed contracts with 12 franchisees as well as 50 companies willing to join in.
With the theme of “Innovation of Fashion of Ningbo”, this festival has held a series of economic and cultural activities like fashion show, fashion trade, displaying the fashion trend, releasing the newest designs and famous brand show, which displayed the charm of Ningbo as a “city of garment” and “city of fashion”.
“100 years ago, Ningbo tailors made their living by a ruler and a pair of scissors, and nowadays their descendants blaze a new way to world fashion by means of inheriting and innovation.” said by Zhou Xueming, the deputy executive director of the organizing committee office of the fashion festival and the Municipal Economy and Information Committee.
On the evening of October 23rd, the closing ceremony of the 15th Ningbo International Fashion Festival and “Peacebird Night” was held in Ningbo Nanyuan Universe Hotel. Yu Hongyi, Shi Xiaoguo and Fu Dan attended the ceremony.

Eleven enterprises of Ningbo attended WSIETR

According to the information from Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau on Oct. 25, eleven enterprises of Ningbo attended the Western China International Economy and Trade Fair (WSIETR). And still more enterprises visited the fair and made investigations, hoping to seize cooperation opportunities.

The 12th WSIETR held in Chengdu—the capital of Sichuan Province lasted from Oct. 18 to Oct. 22, attracting 4500 enterprises from 52 countries and areas. Ningbo Xinzhi Biotech Company and Ningbo Meikang Biotech Company along with 9 other enterprises were in the exhibition center of advanced technology, demonstrating the good image of Ningbo’s high and new technology industries and products.

Corporate Investment and Financing Forum Held in Ningbo

Information from the just concluded corporate investment and financing forum said that the newly setup Ningbo Merchants Investment Alliance would raise 500 million yuan this year for investments in technical innovation. This was a move to solve the financing problem of SMEs.
The forum was cosponsored by the Ningbo Merchants Devleopment Society and the Cybernaut Investment. As a leader in China investment funds, Cybernaut has been dedicated to the most potential companies, companies of integration values. It mainly invests in Internet, finance and investment, telecom, media and new media, healthcare, educational training, etc. With a global vision, it aims to provide better services for innovative companies of Ningbo.

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