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Ningbo exports enjoyed tariff preferences of $ 517 mln last year

News came from NBCIQ recently that 402.4 thousand certificates of origin were issued in 2011, down by 3.75% compared with that in 2010; the total amount of C/O reached 13.8 bln USD, up 10.04%. And thus Ningbo exports enjoyed 517 mln USD of tariff preferences based on an average reduction or exemption of customs duty of 5%.

The number of Certificate of origin form GSP stands at 259.8 thousand, worth $ 8.7 bln with an increase 6.50%. Regional preferential C/O 49226, worth $ 1.63 bln, a rise of 20.11% and 47.94% respectively. General C/O was 93317, worth $ 3.46 bln, up by 6.04%

Sanmen Bay and Hangzhou Bay Become Major Areas for Marine Industry in Zhejiang

The 5th session of the 11th Zhejiang Provincial People's Congress opened on January 12 in Hangzhou. In the provincial government work report, Xia Baolong, acting governor of Zhejiang, pointed out that the government should promote the modern marine industry and optimize the plan and industry of Hangzhou Bay, Taizhou Bay, Sanmen Bay and Oujiangkou. It means that these places key areas for marine industry.

It is said that these areas will focus on emerging marine industries, port advanced manufacturing industry, marine service industry, modern marine fisheries and scientific development of marine resources, etc.

Joint efforts will be made by all the cities and counties in Zhejiang this year to promote the construction of marine economic development zone and international logistics center of bulk commodities, to upgrade Ningbo-Zhoushan port management, and to the coastal infrastructure facilities and transportation networks. The government will improve the logistic service system and accelerate the construction of the trading platform for bulk commodities and storage and transport bases for the state strategic materials.
The report makes it clear that the government will try to complete the Hangzhou-Ningbo Passenger Railway and promote the preliminary work of the multiple tracks of Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou expressway this year

Diesel Imports Surge in Ningbo

According to the latest survey made by Ningbo Customs, from January to November, state-owned enterprises in Ningbo imported a total of 124,000 tons of diesel, worth 120 mln US dollars, much higher than the same period last year (only 6,000 tons, worth 4.239 mln US dollars). Both South Korea and Russia are the suppliers for this year, with 121,000 tons, volumed 110 mln US dollars of diesel imported from the former, and the rest from the latter. By contrast, all diesel imports were from South Korea over the same period last year.
It's learned that recently "diesel shortage" has been hovering around domestic markets, increasingly affecting people's life and corporate production

New progress of the International Automobile Industry City in Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Area

On the morning of January 1, Shanghai Volkswagen started its Ningbo project in Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Area. Wang Huizhong, Member of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Chairman of Ningbo Standing Committee of People's Congress, Tang Yijun, Chairman of Ningbo Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, Chen Xin, Vice Secretary of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Work Committee of Hangzhou Bay New Area Administrative Committee, and Zhang Hailiang, Manager General of Shanghai Volkswagen, attended the foundation laying ceremony.

With its total investment exceeding 10 billion yuan, the Shanghai Volkswagen project in Ningbo is the first international automobile project settled in Ningbo. The project is featured for its good quality, great investment, and locomotive role. As one of the 14 provincial-level industrial clustering zones of Zhejiang, Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Area is an important one for automobile industry. So far 16 high-end automobile projects have signed agreements to settle in the area, and 8 of them have started construction. An international automobile industrial city is taking shape in the area.

On behalf of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, Ningbo People's Congress, Ningbo Municipal Government and Ningbo People's Political Consultative Conference, Party Working Committee and the Administrative Committee of Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Area, Chen Xin expressed his congratulations to the full scale construction of the project and his thanks to the Shanghai Volkswagen Project Team and related municipal departments. He said that the Shanghai Volkswagen project will certainly further promote the construction of Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Industrial Clustering Zone and the construction of the new area as a place perfect for ecological environment, living and tourism. He said that the project will certainly speed up the development of the modern high-end industries of Ningbo, promote industrial upgrading and power the "6 accelerating strategy" of Ningbo.

In his speech, Zhang Hailiang said that the Shanghai Volkswagen project in Ningbo will further expand the capacity of Shanghai Volkswagen to meet the demand of the market, the Changjiang River Deltaand optimize the regional industrial structure.

Mr. Ulbrich, Executive Manager of Technology of Shanghai Volkswagen introduced the Ningbo project. Ningbo government officials Yu Hongyi, Wang Jianbo, Guo Zhengwei and Zhou Jiangyong, Director of the Administrative Committee of Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Area attended the foundation laying ceremony

First National Innovation Base to settle at Ningbo High-tech Development Zone

It is learned from related department on Dec.26 that the Organization Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee has lately approved the third group of national high-level innovation base for returned scholars and the first of such base in Ningbo is to be set up at Ningbo National High-tech Development Zone.
The base is to attract the oversea talents, serving as one of the important platforms for implementing the “1000 Talents Program” (Qianren Program). This base is mainly targeted at the key universities, large enterprises, national development zones and hi-tech development zones. Since 2008, three groups of such bases have been designated.
Ningbo municipal party committee and municipal government attach great importance to introduction of talents. To accelerate the transformation of economic development mode and promote the building of innovative city, the city has formulated two plans to introduce high-ranking talents innovative teams from overseas. Up to now, 11 people are listed in the national “1000 Talents Program”(Qianren Program) and 45 in provincial “1000 Talent Program”(Qianren Program).
As early as in 2009, to provide mechanism guarantee for oversea talents, Ningbo took the lead in granting subsidies to encourage enterprises to introduce overseas engineers. Statistics show that during 2010 about 160 overseas engineers were introduced and the subsidy granted went over 47.7 million CNY. Besides, 548 people learning abroad returned to Ningbo.
Meanwhile, Ningbo has strengthened the building of overseas high-level talent innovation base. In recent years, Ningbo National Hi-tech Development Zone has invested 200 million CNY for talent introduction, technological innovation and industrial development.
To ensure the success of innovation and business start-ups, the Zone also built several platforms, such as oversea students’ innovation park, R&D Park, Software Park and so on. These parks, occupying an area of 500,000 square meters, have gathered over 1000 enterprise with staffs totaling 10000 talents.
“This base will become an important platform for helping Ningbo gather more overseas talents which will provide more talents and wisdom for the “Six Speed-up Strategy” and marine economic development.” said Wang Haiguo, chairman of the Administrative Committee of Ningbo National High-tech Development Zone

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