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China Food Expo 2011 to be held

News comes from Ningbo Trade Bureau that China Food Expo 2011 is to be held in Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Centre from November 30 to December 4.

In this year's expo, there are eight exhibition halls with a total area of 72,000 square meters and 3600 international standard booths. So far, it is said that exhibitors from all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, as well as delegations from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan will attend the expo. Some leading food enterprises in China, such as Yurun Group and Dong-e E-jiao Group, have applied from raw space for their products. In addition, some multinational retail groups, including Metro, E-Mart, Auchan, Tesco and Carrefour, are to come to make purchases in the Expo.

In terms of the exhibitors, internationalization will be a major feature of this year's Expo. It is estimated that there will be a 30% increase in the amount of the overseas food enterprises attending the Expo

Ningbo Food Festival to be held

The annual Ningbo Food Festival is approaching. On October 31, news came from the press conference for 2011 Ningbo Food Festival that the Festival will be held from November 5 to 14, with its opening ceremony and main activities landing in Ningbo Century Oriental Plaza.

In order to display the classical food, to promote famous brands and to benefit the citizens, the organizing committee of the festival planned 15 theme activities focusing on high quality food and humanistic food to make the whole festival a worthwhile event for all those present.

Food itself always plays the leading role in the Food Festival. From November 5 to 7, the 2011 Quality Food Exhibition will be held in Ningbo Century Oriental Plaza. In the exhibition, selected dishes from restaurants and star-rated hotels and well-known snacks from all over the country will be displayed for sale. During the session, some grand restaurants and hotels in Jiangdong District will jointly carry out the large-scale promoting activity of "quality food carnival in Jiangdong District". Besides, from November 11 to 13, the hotels in Jiangdong District will offer special concessions to their customers by putting off the check-out time from 12 o'clock to 2 o'clock pm.

A range of theme activities will be held in this year's festival in order to popularize the food culture. The theme handbook for the 5th Food Festival titled "Taste, Delicacy and Charm" will be published. An exhibition of food action arts and a painting and calligraphy exhibition with famous local masters present will be held.

During the session of the festival, the department stores and supermarkets in Jiangdong District will engage in such theme activities as supermarket festival and treasure hunting activity. The planned "Triple-river Business Conference Base" will be unveiled in the festival. All these activities are sure to make this year's Food Festival a glamorous event.

The 16th Housing Expo

On the morning of October 28, the 16th China Ningbo Housing Expo opened in Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center. At half past nine, the long waited citizens poured into the 2nd and 3rd Exhibition Halls for displaying new houses in search of the best cost-effective housing.

With the theme of "Innovation of Real Property", this years Expo consists of 13 exhibition areas, including housing, finance, house decoration, kitchenware, toilet appliances, furniture, architectural energy saving, doors and pipes, paints, IT home appliances, textile products, solar energy and new building materials. The total area is 55 thousand square meters and there are over 3300 exhibition stalls.

In terms of the exhibited properties, over 30 real estate developers took part in the Expo with more than 70 real properties inside or outside Zhejiang Province. This year's Expo has the characteristics of the abundance of high-rise and small high-rise housing and business housing, and the expansion of exhibited properties to the surrounding areas. Among all the districts, Beilun District and Zhenhai District are the two with the most abundant supplies.

The Expo attracted a lot of famous brands in house decoration, kitchenware, toilet appliances and furniture. Besides, Ningbo Real Estate Transaction and Property Management Centre, one of the executive hosts of the Expo, will provide the citizens with consulting services on policies, regulations and procedures of real estate transaction. It should also be noticed that the organizing committee arranges the free shuttle service for visitors form Zhoushan, Cixi, Shaoxing and other nearby cities.

Yao Li, deputy secretary of the Standing Committee of Ningbo Municipal People's Congress, Vice-mayor Wang Renzhou, Fu Dan, Vice Chairman of Ningbo People's Political Consultative Conference, attended the opening ceremony and visited the exhibited housing featuring small and medium-sized houses. They hope that real estate developers can develop more housing products of this kind to meet the general rigid demand of the market.

On the afternoon of October 28, 2011 Summit Forum of Ningbo Real Property was held in Nanyuan Hotel. The forum is jointly sponsored by Ningbo Municipal Government, China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce and Elite Science and Technology Foundation. Issues such as the present regulation policy for real property, and the situation and trend of the real property are discussed in the forum

The 5th Ningbo Capital-raising Fair for Medium and Small Enterprises was held

During the session of the Housing Expo, the 5th Ningbo Capital-raising Fair for Medium and Small Enterprises was held in Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Centre. Over 600 medium, small and micro enterprises from all the counties and districts of Ningbo attended the fair to communicate with the 16 banks such as Bank of China, ICBC, China Zheshang Bank and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, and some other micro-credit companies.

It is said that since the beginning of this year, the services of urban and rural micro-credit loans and special loans from medium and small enterprises have been carried out jointly by the Private Companies Association of the Daxie Development Zone and the branch of Bank of China in Daxie Island. Over 800 enterprises and 70 private businesses have benefited from the services. In Beilun District, the Private Companies Association signed a credit agreement of 300 million yuan with the small business credit center of China Merchants Bank to support the qualified private enterprises with the demanded capitals. Other institutes, such as the branch of Yinzhou Private Enterprises Association, Ningbo Light & Textile Industrial City Co.,Ltd. and Minsheng Bank, also introduced the credit ranging from 200 thousand yuan to 500 thousand yuan to help the private businesses to accelerate turnover of their funds.

Social retail sales this year reached 143.39 billion yuan

A couple of days ago, information from Ningbo Board of Trade showed that the social retails during the first three quarters have reached 143.39 billion Yuan, a year-on-year growth of 17.3%. Growths in wholesale, retail, accommodation and catering are 50.7%, 15.5%, 11.1% and 17.1% respectively.
Under the joint impact of complex domestic and international factors, the consumer market in the first half year has kept downturn momentum. And fortunately it is getting better in the latter half of the year.
In the first three quarters, the sales of 8 types of goods that compose nonproductive expenditure presented the trend of seven ups and one down. The seven ups are food, clothing, household items, medical care, traffic communication and educational and cultural services. Among them, medical care, and traffic communication increased faster, with the former growing by 63.3% and the latter 22.5%. While the housing and fitment aspect was on the down side, decreasing by 21%.
With the impact of the rising consumer prices, the income of people has decreased relatively, which led to the increase of most families’ expenses on food. This contributed to the result that per capita expenses on food from Jan. to Sept. reached 6126 yuan, increasing by 20.3% compared with the same period of last year. In addition, the Engel’s coefficient also rose from last year’s 35.5% to 37.6%.

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