Buy your own pixel now!

Pixel purchase
Buy your own pixel now!

For only 40 euro cents (50 US $ cents) (incl. vat) per pixel you can use your business or private homepage to perpetuate Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram link on our site.

Our Rules

The minimum purchase is 10×10 pixels = 1 Block
We also accept animated images
Links can only be linked to Web pages, starting with http://https://
We do not accept any links to websites with right-wing radicals, pornographic, violent and other content that violate applicable law.

Your image will be published as soon as we receive a template in the appropriate size you have purchased and have entered the receipt of the invoice amount.

  1. We guarantee that your picture will remain online until at least until the year 2020.We dissociate ourselves completely from the content of the linked websites
  2. With the purchase, you confirm that the rights of the submitted graphic as well as the link to the associated Internet site is located at you.
  3. Despite careful control of the contents, we assume no liability for the content of external links. The operators of the linked pages are solely responsible for their content.
    Size Example

10×10 = 100 pixels = 1 Block

The ordering of your pixels is done for simplicity in blocks,
So 10×10 = 100 pixels = 1 Block!

  • The price per pixel is 0.40 euro,
  • so it costs 1 Block 40 euro! (50Us $)

Order directly
Don’t hesitate and order your own pixel now.
In  simple steps the order is completed after a short time.

  1. Just follow this link and then simply click on a free field of your choice.
  2. Select your pixels or blocks
  3. Click on the free grid and determine size .
  4. Upload image.
  5. Enter link.
  6. Pay.
  7. Finished

We check the entry and switch it then active if all steps are concluded.

Thank You!

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